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MacWet get more rave reviews!

19 Sep


Two more users of MacWet’s gloves have enthused about their high-performance and incredible all-weather grip!

Shannen Airey is an amateur horse-rider who has been riding since she was 10-years-old. As someone who has spent a long  time taking part in show-jumping, dressage and hunter trials as well as competing at one day event, she is well-aware the importance of gloves that maintain grip.

She said: “I’ve used these gloves several times over the last week and I’m in love. Their ‘all grip, no slip’ motto certainly seems to be true…my contact remained the same throughout our whole session, even in good old English rain. The gloves dried out quickly when the weather brightened up, and kept my hands warm despite the bitter winds from the river Trent!”

Emma, another horse-riding enthusiast, also reviewed the gloves for her website. She said “They had a thorough test as despite rain…they remained ultra grippy and hands stayed dry.”

To see both reviews visit:

Click here to view Shannen’s

Click here to view Emma’s


MacWet gloves receive a glowing review from Golf Life

18 Sep

‘Golf Life’ which provides golf fans with all the latest golf news, recently reviewed MacWet gloves. The website gave them a brilliant review naming them ‘unique’ and ‘created for every season’.

Watch their review and see why so many golfers are talking about our gloves:









MacWet shooting star to take part in the World Shooting Championships

16 Sep

One of our star shooters, Katie Cowell had some very exciting news for MacWet when she came to see us at The Midlands Game Fair, Weston Park. She announced that she is taking part in the World Shooting Championships in Peru, which got underway today. 

The 20 year old is a member of the GB Olympic trap team and will be winning her second cap. She will be joining some of the best shooters in the world, including British Olympic medallist Peter Wilson. 

We are so pleased to see how well she is getting on and wish her the best of luck. 

See her below wearing MacWet gloves in a local newspaper.


Young Event Rider gives MacWet gloves a brilliant review

16 Sep

Here at MacWet we are so pleased to receive another excellent review from Young Event Rider, Helen Bates.

Helen is an up and coming event rider and is currently competing at Silver Lady II at novice level. 

Read her full review below: 

“MacWet Gloves are truly some of the best gloves I have ever come across, and I haven’t used anything else for years. The micromesh are very cool in the summer whilst the climatec provide a warmer alternative for the winter. I ride in them every day and at competitions, they are such good quality that they are durable and really last, as well as being stylish and available in a range of colours! When I am out competing the weather can sometimes be a little unpredictable but I know I can rely on my MacWets to provide comfort and grip, come rain or shine, which is particularly essential when going across country” 





MacWet Climatec sports gloves reviewed on golfing website

13 Sep

For golfers looking to improve their game in bad weather conditions, we have developed a technologically advanced glove which really is ‘all grip and no slip’.

We are pleased to say that well-known golf review website has given the gloves a rave review! 

The key features that have been highlighted include their superb grip and sensitivity, increased levels of warmth and high quality and durability.  

Check out the full review at 

macwet green gloves





MacWet gloves get the thumbs up for deer stalking

10 Sep

Lowland and highland deer stalker, Johnny Readhead has given MacWet gloves the thumbs up for deer stalking. Read his full review below:

“MacWet gloves make everything easier: I put them on and don’t take them off when I am out stalking for the day. They grip everything and I don’t have to take them off when I am shooting. They are like a second skin, they give you great grip and you can feel everything when you wear them unlike other gloves when you have to take them off because they are so bulky. I can set up my rifle wearing them, adjust my binoculars and drive in them. They also give my hands great protection when I am crawling through the heather. They fit well and regardless of the weather, they also grip well.”


MacWet gloves visit the Arctic

6 Sep

MacWet recently joined photographer Alan Smith on his expedition to the Arctic and it seems that he was very impressed with the gloves.



Alan was initially worried that the gloves are not completely waterproof, however he later came across a product called Nikwax and seemingly this did the trick. Read Alan’s full review below:


“MacWet gloves were superb. A guy I made friends with called John also found them really good and was glad he purchased a pair. It was when holding the Arctic ice and splashing about in a melt water river bed from a glacier, I realised that my waterproofing recipe by Nikwax really does work. The expedition was fantastic, somewhere very special and totally different. Thanks for a great product, the gloves were brilliant”