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14 Dec

Protecting hands from the elements, the new Climatec® glove range has been developed for cooler weather wear. As well as their unique Aquatec® fabric ensuring superb grip and sensitivity, the Climatec® gloves offer increased warmth and comfort with wind proof, water resistant and fleece lined material on the back of the glove.

All grip, no slip. That is the mission statement of these fantastic MacWet Climatec® short cuff sports gloves. Wearing these gloves whilst playing golf, horse riding, enjoying watersports, shooting, fishing, cycling and even paragliding, will give you 100% grip so your performance isn’t hindered. The short glove finishes at the wrist and fastens easily along the back of the hand using a durable Velcro strap. The ideal glove for any sporting activity where a good grip enhances performance: MacWet Climatec ® short cuff sports gloves. Click here to see a short promo video on using the gloves for fishing.

As the synthetic fibres used in MacWet gloves have natural wicking properties, they allow any water to be readily transported around and over the gloves surface to the fabric face. This means any water evaporates quickly, providing you with the optimum amount of comfort and gripping power! Unlike perspiration inducing leather gloves which compromise comfort and grip, the fabric used in these gloves allows the hand to breathe, ensuring consistently comfortable grip. Want to enhance your performance further? Add a little moisture to the glove by clasping a damp towel to give maximum grip, whatever your sport.

  • 50% Polyester 32% Polyamide 16% Polyurethane 2% Elastane
  • 1 pair pack
  • Elasticated cuff with Velcro fastening, glove rests on wrist
  • Lightweight sports glove
  • Warm, fleece lined backing
  • The palm is made from unique Aquatec ® material

RRP: £29.99 – available as Long Cuff or Short Cuff.

We Say

Like many of you I am sure, my hands suffer when it gets really cold and in an English winter that usually means it is likely to be wet also. The problem is for us fly anglers, we have no choice but to keep on casting and exposing our hands to the elements. We do not have the luxury of being able to keep our hands in our pockets and so finding a good pair of gloves is key to allowing us to continue fishing effectively and comfortably.

green_gloveI have tried a few brands over the years and all do a semi-decent job but I have yet to find the perfect fishing glove. The issues for me have been that fingerless fishing gloves while great for giving me the dexterity I need to tie knots initially do not stop my fingers from eventually freezing up and so rendering them useless once more. Other gloves that have waterproof coatings but with folding fingers so you can cover and uncover your knot tying finger and thumb work better but are no longer fully waterproof due to the finger joints so you don’t really want to immerse them when returning a fish for example. So how about these sports gloves from MacWet?

Well my first impression was that they seemed rather thin – could they really keep my hands warm enough? So far I am glad to report that the Climatec version of the gloves I received (MacWet also produce a micro-mesh backed warm weather glove) that are fleece lined and both windproof and water resistant have so far in my testing managed to keep my hands warm and dry this autumn. Time will tell how well they will put up with sub-zero conditions once they arrive but suffice to say I am confident they will help me continue fishing much longer than I could without them.

Because of the relative thinness of the gloves they are very flexible and so holding your rod, net and hopefully fish is not hampered at all. There is even a measure of sensitivity through the fingertips that I have not felt when wearing other enclosed fingered gloves but it is still not quite enough for when you need to tie a knot for which you will need to remove them temporarily. What is very impressive is the grip they give you in wet conditions especially, thanks to the Aquatec material used in the construction.

I will look forward to wearing these gloves more this coming winter when out looking for pike or grayling but they will also be great for just being out in the countryside too with binoculars or my camera where that added sensitivity I mentioned will be extremely useful.

They are available in the outdoor friendly colours of brown, black, green and navy. Retailing at £29.99 I think these are a very worthwhile buy.

Another fellow angler who has tried out the MacWet gloves is Lucy Bowden, licenced fly fishing coach and Chairman of the Fishing for Everyone Ladies Fishing Club.


7 Dec

Photographer David knows the benefits of MacWet Gloves for his job of getting outside in all conditions to take those magnificent shots. For a long time, he’s known of the advantages of the great feel, sensitivity, warmth and protection that our Aquatec technology affords.

However, he’s discovered a whole new use for them in his hobby: playing music for his local morris dancing side. As David explains:
“Here’s another use I discovered to my great delight this weekend! One of my musical activities is playing for our local morris side, and on frosty days such as we have just experienced your fingers get numb pretty quickly. So I tried some MacWets and they were perfect: my fingers didn’t slide around, and they give sufficient feel to hit the buttons accurately.”

It’s a use we have never thought of but it certainly makes sense and shows the diversity of the gloves’ benefits!! If you’ve found an unusual use for your MacWet Gloves, make sure you let us know on Facebook and Twitter and we will feature the best on the blog.Image