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Professional Para rider & Paralympic hopeful Debbie Rounce reviews MacWet gloves

2 May

When Professional Para rider and Paralympic hopeful Debbie Rounce came to us requesting to test our MacWet gloves, we were more than happy to let her try them out.

Debbie adjusted the MacWet glove to fit her right hand (see below in the picture) and she was more than happy with
them.  See her full review below:

My name is Debbie Rounce and I am a Para rider, as I only have one hand I have always found it difficult to get a pair of gloves usually one is too big or the other too tight but thanks to MacWet I now have gloves  that are a perfect fit.

Their gloves have made such a difference during the winter I have been riding in the MacWet climate with long cuff, these have helped keep my hands warm especially my small hand (as I suffer from chilblains) with the fleece lining and waterproof outer they are great for the bad weather. Now spring is here and the weather is warmer I am going to start riding in MacWet micro gloves with the short cuff, I’m sure these will be great for this time of year and will be just as comfortable to wear with the rein wrapped around my wrist as the climate gloves. MacWet gloves are great for any sport, hobby or just for everyday use.


debbie rounce- macwet gloves

Mark Roach, editor of Total Football magazine gives MacWet gloves the thumbs up for football players.

30 Apr

Mark Roach, editor of Total Football Magazine recently tried and tested our MacWet gloves to see how they held up for football players. We were thrilled to see a glowing review on the magazine’s website. Check out the full review below…

There is a little known ‘loophole’ that can come in handy if a side wants to take advantage of long throws.

The laws of the game allow outfield players to wear gloves – and there are no restrictions on how far a player can launch the ball from a throw in. A handful of players are particularly good at this, so much so that a long throw can be as good as a free-kick.


Goalkeepers are permitted to wear gloves that are manufactured with maximum grip in mind. It makes sense for a keeper to want to use gloves that the ball sticks to.

But there is a football ‘cheat’ that is rarely used in football – the use of gloves to gain an advantage at throw ins.

Imagine being able to turn every throw in from a certain distance away from goal into as big a threat as a free-kick. Some players do it anyway, but nearly all long throw in experts launch a long throw with their bare hands.

Typical scene

It’s a fairly typical scene, a long throw expert wipes the ball clean on his shirt, before launching it into the opponents’ goal area.

The laws of the game not only permit the use of gloves by outfield players, but the only real requirement when it comes to glove wearing is that a player “must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player”.

In that case, why do the majority of long throw specialists not take advantage of wearing gloves that stick to the ball and allow extra grip so that the thrower can launch a ball further and with more accuracy?

MacWet gloves are the ‘all grip, no slip’ technologically advanced gloves. They promise an unrivalled grip in all weather conditions, performing just as superbly when wet as when dry. Perfect gloves for any activity that requires strong grip, from work activities, driving, dog walking and beyond, their high quality range will ensure you don’t slip when it matters the most – long throw ins, for example.

But these gloves are not just ideal for long throw specialists. The breathable, all-purpose MacWet sports gloves offer a comfortable fit and the performance you desire with their short or long cuff ranges in their Micromesh or warming Climatec glove. Take your game to the next level with groundbreaking fabrics that enhance your gripping power.

Maximum grip

Most gloves on the market today are bulky and uncomfortable, causing a negative impact on your movements. MacWet’s unique Aquatec fabric responds to moisture and climate charge, giving maximum grip, sensitivity, feel and comfort at all times, no matter how wet or humid.

The only glove of its kind, MacWet products are currently being used in 35 varied sports, which require the unparalleled grip of the gloves in a variety of weather conditions. The MacWet glove marks a turning point in glove technology with characteristics that ensure user comfort, durability and performance.

MacWet gloves use innovative technology to ensure that their grip stays strong in various environments. Any moisture on the skin is wicked to the outside of the material as a result of the breathable palm fabric. The moisture is then used to increase grip, therefore, regardless of humidity, perspiration or precipitation, comfort and grip are never compromised.

In use, MacWet gloves dry naturally within 5-10 minutes, adjusting to the climate, keeping grip and sensitivity consistent. The vast range of sizes allow you to find a glove that fits like a second skin. This skintight fit allows for fine adjustments of equipment without the need to remove the gloves.

The brand currently offers two high quality ranges in fourteen sizes – both available in short or long cuff lengths. MacWet’s original mesh glove which is available in six different colours has been specifically designed to aid circulation around the hand.

Warmth and comfort

The new Climatec glove range is available in four different colours and has been developed to offer protection from the elements. The fleece lined material increases the warmth and comfort of the glove.

Ideal for players who want to keep their hands warm during those chilly winter afternoons and evenings – and the perfect secret weapon for any player who has a knack of being able to launch the ball long distances from throw ins.

Used by elite performers such as shooting champion, Becky Bream, top UK eventer, Oliver Townend and European Senior Tour gold champion Gary Wolstenholme MBE, MacWet gloves are quickly becoming an essential kit staple for professional sportsmen and amateurs in outdoor pursuits alike. Ensure you’re protected by an unrivalled performance glove with

The high quality gloves are durable and machine washable making them a long lasting investment at £27.99 – a small price to pay for those extra goals that came from long throw ins to help a player’s side stay in the Premier League, or win a few more games in the local Sunday league.

MacWet ambassador and world class shooter Becky Bream supports the School Challenge.

29 Apr

MacWet ambassador and world class shooter Becky Bream has recently been involved in the School Challenge, a brilliant cause which organises courses and competitions for schools and university students to encourage shooting.

Becky visited the Oxford Gun Company to tell the School’s Challenge how to be a medal winner last week and we thrilled to see she was wearing her ‘all grip, no slip’ MacWet gloves.

To find out more about the School Challenge, please visit their website:

Below are some of Becky’s highlights from the day..



How do we hold up in the Paramotor Sporting World?

23 Apr

Stuart King, a seasoned paramotor recently tried and tested our MacWet gloves; for those who aren’t sure, paramotoring is the propulsion of a paraglider with the aid of a motor which allows for powered flight. Basically, it’s a motor which propels the paraglider through the air.

The paraglider sits in a cage, with the motor located behind him. The glider is exposed to the elements, meaning hands can become cold and sensitivity can be lost. This is most definitely not ideal when up in the air!

Find out how our MacWet ‘all grip, no slip’ gloves held up under these windy and exposed conditions!

‘I found [my] MacWets to be a good fit, comfortable and secure.

MacWets are very good at keeping the wind out and on cold days my hands remained warm [and] on warmer days they remained cool. [They are] sensitive enough so I could feel the lines on my wing, as they are nice and slim and not bulky as my previous gloves [were].

Some of the people that I fly with have tried them on and said how nice they are and feel.’

We’ve done it again! With that brilliant review, we will keep you posted with any additional information from Stuart, especially pictures of him in action!


Onwards and upwards with MacWet!

22 Apr

For one of our sponsored shooters, this year has been a very good one, and we’re only in April!

Adam Gutteridge, a shooter, who with the help of our MacWet gloves has achieved some brilliant results in his shooting competitions.


With our ‘all grip, no slip’ technology, our gloves ensure that regardless of weather conditions or extreme pressure, the wearer can always give their best performance. Acting as a ‘second skin’ our gloves never compromise the wearer’s sensitivity, making certain that their grip and the pressure applied is still as insightful when our gloves are being worn.

Adam is extremely happy and proud of the results he has achieved whilst wearing his MacWet gloves. This year alone, Adam’s results are as follow:

  • High Gun at the “Shoot Clay” Charity Shoot at Ian Coley’s. Score: 119×135.
  • High Gun at 1st Welsh Olympic Trap Selection Shoot at South Wales 2000. Score: 116×125.
  • High Gun at 2nd Welsh Olympic Trap Selection Shoot at South Wales 2000. Score: 110×125.

Writing to inform us of his above success, Adam commented: ‘I am so happy with my results so far this year. I only hope it goes onwards and upwards.’

With the added edge Adam is given over his competitors with his MacWet gloves, we believe that we will be hearing much more from him, complete with another long list of great successes!

From all of us at MacWet, we wish you the very best of luck Adam!


The Best of the Masters

22 Apr

And the 2013 Masters Tournament title goes to…Adam Scott!

The 32 year old Australian snatched the title from the Argentinean, and a former Masters champion, Angel Cabrera, in a sudden death play-off at Augusta on Sunday 14th April.

Becoming the first Australian to win the title, Scott has truly done his home country proud.

As Scott and Cabrera both birdied the 18th to reach nine under, the competition fell to sudden death.

Playing in deteriorating light, Scott holed a 15ft birdie putt across the 10th green on the second extra hole, taking the title for himself.

On the 18th, Scott took the first shot and pulled a birdie putt out the bag, taking a one-shot lead. Cabrera followed, landing a few feet from the hole before completing his own birdie, keeping composure regardless of the deafening cheer from the green crowds.

On the first extra hole, both players came up short playing for the 18th green. Playing first was Cabrera, who tapped in from a foot for a four. Next to play was Scott, leaving his chip three feet shy, but managing to hole it.

Moving to the second extra hole, and heading back down the 10th, good approaches were taken by both, both reaching the heart of the green. But, as it would be, Cabrera missed his putt before Scott made his. Scott’s victory was made.

Commenting on his win, Scott was full of pride: ‘It’s amazing that it’s my destiny to be the first Australian to win.’

Remaining in the Australian remit was Jason Day, who was a runner-up with Scott in 2011, coming in at third place while Marc Leishman, also Australian, tied fourth.

With Australia taking great victory from this year’s tournament, who knows what next years Masters will bring?

As for us, we just hope the golfers keep their game at tip-top condition by wearing our MacWet gloves. ‘All slip, no grip’ is exactly what is needed while playing under intense pressures such as this, and while training for the next big win.

MacWet, the Perfect Accessory for National Gardening Week

17 Apr

happy gardening week

The National Gardening Week began this week, running from 15th-21st April 2013. Set up by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) to help keep Britain beautiful, the National Gardening Week is promised to have plenty of events being held all over the country to help you keep your garden and community looking beautiful all year long.

With the sun shining, it really does feel like spring/summer has arrived. Do not waste the precious summertime and make sure to join in with RHS and National Gardening Week and get digging and potting all week long.

This wonderful week promises to be the perfect sharing-ground for all things garden and plant related. A perfect time for swapping tips, we wanted to let you in on one of the greatest tips our fans wanted to share with fellow gardening enthusiasts; MacWet gloves are perfect for using in the garden.

There, we shared it! Our gloves have been used by many gardeners who absolutely love wearing them whilst in the dirt. Helping to keep hands cool and dry in the summer months, warm and dry in the winter months and splinters at bay all year round, our Climatec and Micromesh gloves are the perfect addition to any gardener’s attire.

Acting as a ‘second skin’ the all-grip, no slip gloves maintain the sensitivity needed when dealing with delicate plants. This is also perfect for maintaining beautifully soft and callus free hands. No longer having to put up with your gardening tools rubbing and irritating your hands, MacWet gloves protect your hands effortlessly.

With the added bonus of being machine washable, our gloves can easily be cleaned after a heavy-session in the mud and dirt, ensuring you start clean and fresh every time you feel like pottering in the garden.

To view our range, visit; protect your hands today!

See Amber Hill in Clay Shooting’s May Issue!

16 Apr

Amber Hill, a MacWet sponsored shooter, stunned the world with her unexpected win at the Shotgun World Cup held by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) in March.

The May issue of Clay Shooting magazine have honoured the talented 15 year olds gold medal success in the Women’s Skeet finals, by using her as their feature cover photo.  

The competition attracts several Olympic champions and 160 of the worlds very best shooters, with Olympic gold medallist, Italian Jessica Rossi competing, the shooting was at the top of its game.

Pressure was on for Amber, especially with this being her first time competing in the World Cup. But, for 10 days, (15-24 March), Amber held her nerve and triumphantly took the title.


Wearing her MacWet gloves, Amber ensured she had all grip, and no slip throughout the competition. Giving her that extra confidence, Amber had the edge over the other competitors which was crucial in ensuring her success.

Aged just 15 years old, Amber was the youngest participant in the competition, held in Acapulco, Mexico. With the finals coming down to Amber and her multi-medallist 29-year-old competition, Italian Diana Bacosi, never shooting without her MacWet gloves, Amber strode forward with confidence and an assured and impeccable grip which saw her hit 15 out of 16 targets, resulting in a score of 15-11. 

Featuring Amber in the News Section in Clay Shooting magazine, the magazine gives a brief run-down of her great success. Celebrate Amber’s success, and check out the article in the magazine today! With the May issue going to print as the competition was happening, the magazine promises to present its readers with a full-report of the event in their June issue, on sale from 2 May 2013. What great news for Amber!

MacWet will be sure to be keeping our eyes on young Amber over the coming years. We are sure we will see her accomplish many more great titles, especially with her sights firmly set on the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics, and you all know how much we love seeing our gloves at these brilliant events too!


MacWet at the Masters?

10 Apr

Tomorrow is the opening day of the Masters Tournament and we couldn’t be more excited! With coverage of the day being aired on the radio, TV and online, it looks to be an exhilarating first day. Here’s hoping all golfers have packed their MacWet gloves into their suitcases to ensure that they have the best possible grip when taking those all important shots.

We already know that our gloves are highly popular within the sporting world, especially golf! But one of our guilty pleasures which we love to do with world-class sporting events like this, is to spy on who we can see sporting our ‘all grip, no slip’ Climatec or Micromesh gloves.

With their unique Aquatec fabric which instantly responds to moisture and climate change, our gloves are perfect for dealing with the pressures of the tournament. Combined with the maximum grip and sensitivity given to the wearer, competing without this ‘second skin’ would be foolish.

So, tune in to the Masters tomorrow to help us see if we can spy our gloves being worn! Tweet us at @MacWetGloves to share the love.

Who bets the tournament winner will be wearing a pair?! Image

Top Score for MacWet!

9 Apr

Shooter Graham Thompson shared his thoughts with us on some of our MacWet gloves after winning a competition to review the ‘all grip, no slip’ gloves.

Graham reviewed the Climatec MacWet gloves in demanding conditions, read his full review below to find out how the gloves held up.

 ‘I found these gloves very comfortable while I was shooting, they kept my hands warm but not too warm [resulting] with the perfect grip of my shotgun, also when it rained I never lost grip control and my hands stayed dry.

They have great wind chill protection. I never wore gloves before as I could not reload my gun, I was all fingers and thumbs but with my MacWet gloves on I can do everything as if I had no gloves on. MacWet have a great measuring system in place where you get the perfect fit, none of this S M L gloves all you have to do is measure across the bottom of your hand in cm to get your size and I must say it works brilliant.

The MacWet gloves are great as I use a camera to take loads of pictures for my web page on Facebook, the gloves do not hinder me in any way. Sometimes you forget you have the gloves on as they are so comfortable, even first thing on a cold damp morning [when] I put my gloves on to start my car as the steering wheel and gear stick are freezing, you get a good grip of everything whilst you’re waiting on the car to warm up.

I had a bad accident 19 years ago doing a parachute jump for charity and at certain times I have to use crutches to get about, the gloves come in very handy for gripping and protecting my hands.

So all in all these MacWet unique Aquatec Fabric gloves are brilliant for not only shooting, [but] they can be used in any sport or daily use to protect your hands with great gripping and comfort as if you just have a spare layer of skin on your hands.

I would love to try the summer gloves now from MacWet as they are supposed to keep your hands cool on warm days with the perfect fit and grip that you would expect from these great gloves.

So if you have never tried these gloves out you should, you won’t be disappointed in my view. I will never wear other brands again. THANK YOU MacWet for letting me try your gloves.’

A gleaming review! Keep your eyes open for future competitions from MacWet on their Facebook page and blog posts to have a chance of winning a pair of these brilliant gloves.

For more information or to purchase your own pair of MacWet gloves today, visit