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MacWet & Horse Hound

30 Nov

MacWet fan and professional rider Charlotte Alexander has been featured on the cover of Horse and Hound proudly wearing her MacWet gloves. 

She also shares her thoughts, adventures and experiences with former race horse Denman as he embarks on a second career as a riding horse in her fantastic Denman’s Diary, which is guaranteed entertainment!

It’s been a busy month for Charlotte, with adventures including a visit to the Cotswolds and meeting Adam Henson, the presenter of BBC Countryfile.

Denman also managed to jump his first hedge, which was captured in a fantastic photo where the MacWets are again very visible!!

MacWets are a vital part of Charlotte’s equipment because they provide fantastic sense and communication between the rider and the horse through their breathable and sensitive material which allows the rider to really feel the responses of the horse, which is particularly vital when training a horse. 

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MacWet Introduce Ronnie Green

9 Nov

MacWet are delighted to sponsor one of the newest stars of the shooting circuit, a hugely talented young man who is already shaping up to be one of the most sensational future stars of Clay Shooting in the UK.

At the age of just 12, Ronnie Green is already in the Kent Senior Team, shooting alongside his heroes and the greats of the sport. Admitted to the team in August 2012, Ronnie has truly excelled, winning the following awards:

The South of England Sporting Champion 2012

The South East region Inter Counties FITASC champion 2012

“KentCounty” FITASC Champion 2012

Ronnie’s story is truly inspirational for young people everywhere who are looking to get into a new sport. As Ronnie writes:

“The first time I fired a shotgun was when I asked for a lesson for Christmas… All I really wanted to do was have a go and maybe win a trophy for my bedroom, now I have a room full of trophies I have won at clubs and I’m starting to win county and inter-county titles which is amazing.”- Ronnie Green

Ronnie is a huge fan of MacWet gloves, as his mother reports: “He’s been wearing MacWet since October and won’t shoot without them. They are an essential part of his kit. In fact, the first thing he says when I take him is: “Have you got my gloves?”

MacWet wish Ronnie Green all the best and are proud to sponsor and support this clay shooting superstar of the future all the best in all his achievements.

To find out more about Ronnie Green, please visit his website at:

MacWet Fishing Photography Competition Winners Announced

8 Nov

MacWet are delighted to announce the winners of the MacWet fishing photography competition, which celebrates two of our favourite hobbies: fishing and photography.

We asked our fans to get out of doors in all weathers (with their MacWets on of course) and take photographs of their finest catches of the season. It wasn’t just about the size of the fish in the photographs, though, it was also about the joy and fun that came through in the images and of course the camerawork!

Our overall winner was Mrs Joe Meyer, who posed with an enormous fish on this boat and clearly looks delighted with this magnificent catch!

Our second winner was submitted by Fishing UK and shows a delighted fisherman and his very fine catch.

Our third winner was Lucy Bowden, from the popular blog Fishing for Everyone. We particularly liked the patterning on this fish- great camerawork!  

Although the competition is now closed, we are always delighted to receive pictures of you with your proud catches, so please keep sending them to us and we will sporadically feature the very best right here on the blog!



Overall Winner- The Story

8 Nov

Overall Winner

This picture was taken in the Gulf of Mexico off the shores of Destin, Florida.  I was with my partner, MacWet sponsored rider Joe Meyer, and it was an exceptionally rough and wet ride off shore in post hurricane seas.  I managed to catch this Gag Grouper by stealing the last live Croaker bait fish out of the live well and this grouper hit hard and fast and gave me a good hour fight in the belt to the boat.  I have to give a plug to MacWet gloves as I have always been a non glove wearer due to the wet, humid and hot conditions in Florida but I am a real convert and now steal Joe’s MacWets for my own use both riding and fishing.  They truly are still unbelievably comfortable in the worst weather conditions that we have here in the South!

Ruthie Harbison (@southernruthie)