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Event Rider Becci Leigh Harold reviews MacWet gloves

30 Jan

21 year old, Derby based event rider Becci Leigh Harold tells us her thoughts when testing MacWet gloves…

I must say the mac wet gloves really are the best gloves I have ever ridden in. Not only do they look and feel top quality but they perform in every weather condition. From sun to snow they provided me with a constant grip and warm hands. Even when they were wet I never felt the cold. Not forgetting to mention I could even text on my Iphone wearing them! Absolutely brilliant a must purchase for every rider.
They come in a wide range of colours. Plus you have the choice of short or long cuff and 2 styles Climatec or Micromesh.

“The best gloves I have ever ridden in…”



Ronnie Green- The Sky’s The Limit

25 Jan

Ronnie has been extremely fortunate and been picked to represent world renowned shotgun cartridge manufacturer “Gamebore Cartridges” they are a company of champions and give their sportsman and women unsurpassed support to perform at their very best. Ronnie is honoured to be picked and be among the select few fortunate enough to shoot for the Gamebore Shooting Team as it includes English, European and world champions such as Ben Husthwaite, Mark Winser and George Digweed…Ronnie said, with Support from my kind sponsors, “Gamebore”, “MacWet”, “Just” and “Sunglasses for sport” he has everything he needs to make his mark in 2013 and will do his very best to make all his kind sponsors very proud.


Gamebore Cartridges have issued a statement to welcome Ronnie to the team, it reads as follows…..


“We at Gamebore are always pleased to see youngsters getting involved in clay shooting, particularly those with the enthusiasm, determination and skill to become a serious contender in the competition circuit. Ronnie Green has those qualities in abundance, and his passion for the sport is clear to see, which is why we believe that he’s a future champion in the making. We’re proud to be associated with Ronnie, and we wish him the very best of luck in achieving his goals.”


A link to Ronnie’s website sponsor page..



Shooting Star Ronnie Green

17 Jan

MacWet supported, Ronnie Green continues to do well in his shooting pursuits, having recently  won the “A” class competition at the his local club.

He won 4 points clear of his nearest rival and came 4th overall out of over 60 entrants. Furthermore at another recent event he also won his class.

He has been selected to shoot for Team Eley (Eley Hawk cartridge manafacturers) this will really raise his profile as he will be one of the select few.

To keep up to date with Ronnie, follow the below link to take you to his blog.

Polly Tucker reviews MacWet Gloves!

3 Jan

I had never before tried out a pair of MacWet’s and this was my very first pair.

I have found it had to find a well fitted pair of gloves that not only perform, fit well but also withstand most weathers. I have very small hands and always struggled to find gloves that would fit me perfectly and still perform. Most gloves in my size are aimed at children which make it hard for me to find performance gloves to meet the demands of eventing I often end up with ill fitting or poor quality gloves that don’t withstand longer than 6 months.

I was very impressed that the MacWet gloves come in a range of sizes- including small petite sizes for the likes of me and short or long cuffs so they do not restrict your wrist when it flexes. The gloves are professionally designed and the quality is to a very high standard and performance is not compromised.


I trialled these gloves over severally weeks in all sorts of weathers from rain, wind, sun and even ice. The gloves fit snuggly and are extremely comfortable, often you have to wear in gloves which can take several weeks and several blisters later! The material is soft yet very durable and did not restrict my hand movements while riding. The Micromesh gloves that I tried were the lighter weight gloves and would be perfect for all year round but I found the mesh backs were and would be brilliant in warmer weather as they allowed my hands to breathe and as a result I didn’t end up with soggy, sweat-sticky gloves. During the time I trialled the gloves we had bouts of very wet weather and I had concerns that the gloves would loose performance in the wet conditions however even trialled on very old worn down slippy reins the gloves held there grip and I felt confident that I wouldn’t end up with a slippery glove/rein combination as on a big horse when eventing in the rain the last thing you want is to loose grip. In the wet weather the gloves really performed and came into there own- amazingly in the cold wet weather my hands still felt warm which surprised me as the gloves are very thin and light weight. The gloves fasten together by a velcro fastening- most gloves fastening become loose and lose there grip but the fastening on the gloves still felt grippy and secure a few weeks into trying them. I never felt restricted in these gloves they felt like a second skin and even on a long beach ride on new years day they were comfy and kept grip all day long. The gloves seemed to pass every test I threw at them- even a wash in the washing machine they washed up lovely and have retained their shape, quality and colour.


I have been so impressed with the gloves that I think they will be a regular and necessity for my eventing kit- I will most definitely be purchasing another pair of Climatec gloves for the winter months. I have no doubt that these gloves would suit a range of sportmen and women (my next door neighbour who shoots also swears by them!) and I would highly recommend them to all equestrian riders.