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Gloves Are On For The Shooting Season

28 Sep

As the autumnal weather brings with it chilly winds and crisp mornings, shooting enthusiasts are welcoming the shooting season into their annual calendars.  The shooting season has already begun, with Grouse, Partridge, Ptarmigan, Black Game and Common Snipe beginning the Game sport in August.  

As we now head into October there is plenty on offer for keen shooters.  With offical shooting seasons for all Game continuing into late January and Deer shooting lasting until the end of October in some areas, there will be plenty of events.

The colder weather means that conditions could prove to be difficult, but MacWet gloves are on hand to ensure that shooters’ hands are kept warm and dry, whatever the weather.  The gloves’ unique technology means that they really are ‘all grip, no slip’.  For shooting fans, this technology ensures that they are able to perform at their best, never losing grip on their gun and enjoying their sport to the maximum.  


Have a Safe Flight!

17 Sep

British Paramotor Team Take Bronze.

The British Paramotor Team have taken the bronze medal at the World Championships in Marugan, Spain.  The event consists of three different events:

Navigation – This is an event that sees participants completing a flight with the aid of a map and compass.

Economy – This is an event that requires the pilot to fly their aerial vehicle with the help of thermals, using the wing to its full advantage. 

Precision – This event benefits the ground level spectators as it is a true display of the pilot’s skill and precision.

Paramotoring is a sport that can be performed at a variety of different altitudes, from skimming the top of the grass, to flying at thousands of feet.  The recent competition is Spain was challenging for the team, the heat making the various events more difficult.  As a close knit unit, the British team powered through the event together and took the team bronze medal. 

The team are now looking forward to their next major event at the European Championships in Estonia.  The competition will be held in May 2013, with the British team working hard to prepare for it until then.

The team have been wearing their MacWet gloves, using the all grip, no slip technology to keep them at their best as they take to the skies.

All of the team at MacWet wish the British Paramotor team the very best of luck with all of their upcoming challenges, hoping that they continue to win medals for the sport they love.

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MacWet’s Shooting Star Becky Bream’s String of Successes

12 Sep

7th September 2011

Our shooting star, Becky Bream, really is quite amazing. Having won a string of phenomenal titles this year, we thought that we would some of her fantastic achievements with you.

This season Becky has won:

2012 Nottinghamshire Ladies All Round Champion
2012 Nottinghamshire Ladies FITASC Champion
2012 East Midlands FITASC Champion
2012 Ambassador Easter Challenge ladies Champion
2012 Jack Pyke English Open ladies Champion
2012 English Open Sporting Bronze
2012 Grand Masters FITASC Ladies Champion
2012 British Grand Prix FITASC Bronze Medal
2012 World English Sporting Bronze Medal
2012 World FITASC Championship 4th place
2012 World FITASC Championship Team GB Bronze Medal
2012 British Open Sporting Ladies Champion
2012 British Open Sporting A Class Champion

We’re sure that you will agree that this is a really impressive list of titles, and MacWet is so proud to sponsor such an inspirational sports woman. As always, we wish Becky the very best of luck with every competition she takes part in and hope that she continues in her fantastic success.