Probably the toughest event on the planet? We put MacWet to the test!

9 Oct

On 6th October 2013 MacWet had probably their toughest assignment to date, competing in what is probably the world’s toughest event. Tough Mudder.


Tough Mudder events are incredibly challenging involving 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, determination, and camaraderie.

Can MacWet live up to the challenge? We had Neil Jewell try them out on what was his first ever tough mudder and we were confident that he had chosen the right glove for the challenge but only time and a lot of mud would tell.


Here is what he had to say:

“The weather was perfect for a glove test and I was wearing the Climatec long cuff version. After an initial warm up we jogged off to the first obstacle 1 mile away, the kiss of mud. Crawling on my belly over stoney ground I was pleased to be wearing the MacWets – can you add knee protectors to your range?

Coming up to the 2.5 mile mark was the next obstacle glory Blades – 8 foot high walls angled back towards you at 45º. A good grip was required to haul yourself up and over – MacWets provided excellent grip.

The next obstacle was the Arctic enema imagine a skip, no a bigger one, Full of ice cubes. Jump in duck under and jump out the other side. Again MacWets were brilliant a full dunking in icy water and still having the feeling in fingers is really saying something. All it took to dry them was a clenched fist, the water ran out. And what was left wasn’t cold. I’m guessing it has something to do with the unique Aquatec ® material! But I was grateful.

Another jog saw the next obstacle and another dunking, Cage Crawl. Pulling yourself along on your back in water feeling was more important than grip here and the MacWets excelled again.

Now thoroughly soaked the next obstacle, Trench Warfare, was a return of some real soupy mud, but only after crawling underground in a tunnel full of roots, stones and water. The supple and strong palm material was great, allowing good feel of the conditions and confidence to place hands out knowing that stones and roots would not cause injury.

After a few more miles and a few more obstacles the first Electric shock obstacle was encountered, Electric Eel. A belly crawl through water but this time with electric fence wire dangling above and yes it was turned on! Speed was the key, and the grip provided by MacWets against the plastic liner of the electric eel was great enabling a smooth passage and only 20 or so zaps from the wires.

Passing mile marker 7 and another dunking, this time full submersion in a lake, the MacWets did brilliantly allowing me to feel the bottom and pull myself under the Underwater Tunnels.

Thinking it wasn’t possible to get any wetter a real test for the gloves appeared on the horizon, Walk the plank. A leap from 5 metres high into a pool of water and climb out with using a cargo net. Getting to the top was a tricky as getting to the bottom. The gloves providing confident grip even though being completely soaked as the ascent to the platform was made.

Next up was a 3metre high wall, with the help of team mates we scaled the vertical wall and landed on the other side only to be met by another 3 metre high wall.

Another jog (walk) found us at Log Jammin. An over and under obstacle made from massive tree trunks, the MacWets protected my hands from the bark and provided ample grip on the wet wood.

Mile 9 saw the muddiest of all obstacles, Mud Mile. Craters filled with gloopy Mud thick enough to suck shoes from feet and a real test of the cuff fastening on the MacWets. The the mud has the consistency of sticky, cold rice pudding  and people were getting properly stuck. The tough mudder Camaraderie was evident as Mudders helped each other out the gloop. MacWets provided a firm helping hand pulling team mates out of the mire.

Now, covered in gloop the next big test for the MacWets loomed large, the Funky Monkey. An adult sized monkey bar obstacle over water, Grip was paramount here and the mud sodden MacWets coped Brilliantly, I’d love to say I completed this obstacle but I was probably weighing twice as much as normal what with all the extra mud and did not have the strength to get across. Grip wasn’t an issue.

A welcome splash through more water during Island Hopping at mile 10 was followed by the Boa Constrictor obstacle, two tunnels into and out of water that required huge grip and determination as well as the help of fellow Mudders. The MacWets performed superbly even submerged underwater and then again helping teammates out of the tubes the grip was brilliant and I didn’t lose anyone.

Mile 11 and the end was in sight, just the two nastiest obstacles to go. Everest, a huge slippery ramp to run up then pull up and over. Hand grip is essential here and after 3 attempts I managed the reach the top of the ramp. The MacWets proved their worth again by providing a sure grip to hold onto fellow Mudders helping out at the top.

Then the final obstacle, Electroshock Therapy. A mad dash through electric fence wires again and over hay bales. Speed was key and with the MacWets brushing the wires away from my face I managed to reach the other side. I only got knocked to the floor twice.

Overall the MacWets did more than they were ever designed for and after a spell  under the hose pipe and a cycle through the washing machine they are as good as new. I will be recommending them to all Tough Mudder contestants as the Glove of choice. They performed above and beyond and my hands are unscathed. The rest of me certainly isn’t.

I’m looking forward to next year when I’ll be wearing these MacWets again for sure.”


Neil Jewell North West mudder 06/10/13 #1469

Even through all the wet conditions and mud MacWet gloves really came into their own and helped Neil through the challenge!

 Here is Neil before and after the challenge!



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