Professional Para rider & Paralympic hopeful Debbie Rounce reviews MacWet gloves

2 May

When Professional Para rider and Paralympic hopeful Debbie Rounce came to us requesting to test our MacWet gloves, we were more than happy to let her try them out.

Debbie adjusted the MacWet glove to fit her right hand (see below in the picture) and she was more than happy with
them.  See her full review below:

My name is Debbie Rounce and I am a Para rider, as I only have one hand I have always found it difficult to get a pair of gloves usually one is too big or the other too tight but thanks to MacWet I now have gloves  that are a perfect fit.

Their gloves have made such a difference during the winter I have been riding in the MacWet climate with long cuff, these have helped keep my hands warm especially my small hand (as I suffer from chilblains) with the fleece lining and waterproof outer they are great for the bad weather. Now spring is here and the weather is warmer I am going to start riding in MacWet micro gloves with the short cuff, I’m sure these will be great for this time of year and will be just as comfortable to wear with the rein wrapped around my wrist as the climate gloves. MacWet gloves are great for any sport, hobby or just for everyday use.


debbie rounce- macwet gloves


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