Ronnie Green- The Sky’s The Limit

25 Jan

Ronnie has been extremely fortunate and been picked to represent world renowned shotgun cartridge manufacturer “Gamebore Cartridges” they are a company of champions and give their sportsman and women unsurpassed support to perform at their very best. Ronnie is honoured to be picked and be among the select few fortunate enough to shoot for the Gamebore Shooting Team as it includes English, European and world champions such as Ben Husthwaite, Mark Winser and George Digweed…Ronnie said, with Support from my kind sponsors, “Gamebore”, “MacWet”, “Just” and “Sunglasses for sport” he has everything he needs to make his mark in 2013 and will do his very best to make all his kind sponsors very proud.


Gamebore Cartridges have issued a statement to welcome Ronnie to the team, it reads as follows…..


“We at Gamebore are always pleased to see youngsters getting involved in clay shooting, particularly those with the enthusiasm, determination and skill to become a serious contender in the competition circuit. Ronnie Green has those qualities in abundance, and his passion for the sport is clear to see, which is why we believe that he’s a future champion in the making. We’re proud to be associated with Ronnie, and we wish him the very best of luck in achieving his goals.”


A link to Ronnie’s website sponsor page..



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