MacWet’s sport stars keep their grip on success!

31 Aug

MacWet’s sponsored sport stars have been continuing their brilliant successes.  At just 15 years old, Amber Hill has decided to change her discipline to Olympic Skeet.  She really is proving to be one of Great Britain’s brightest shooting stars, ranking number one in England and number two in Great Britain already! Her talent seems to know no bounds and everyone at MacWet is really excited to see what she can do over the next few years.  Rio’s 2016 Olympic games can’t come quickly enough, but in the meantime Amber could potentially be competing in a string of international events and, of course, there are Commonwealth Games to look forward to. 

But the excitement doesn’t stop with Amber! MacWet star Becky Bream has won a place on the Ladies FITASC team.  She joined the team for the FITASC world championship in Chicago, Illinois.  Becky loved the opportunity to represent her country at this international event and her place on the team was secured after receiving a bronze medal at the British grand prix FITASC sporting clay shooting championship here in the UK.

Graham Evans has also seen great success on the Senior Circuit and the Paramotor team are currently taking part in an exciting tournament in Spain.


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